Can Creatine Cause Anxiety?

Can Creatine Cause Anxiety

While creatine is known for its role in muscle growth, studies show it can also impact mental health. So if you are wondering: “Can creatine cause anxiety?” you may have a legitimate reason for asking this question. Creatine is one of the widely most used supplements across the globe. The reasons which add to its … Read more

The 7 Best Music Players for Running

Best Music Players for Running

I have selected some of the best music players for running after personally using the products available in the market. Hope you love my list! A few years back, I started actively working out to keep myself fit, and alongside that, I also go walking and jogging whenever I get a chance. I like to … Read more

The 7 Best Fitness Trackers With Music Player 

Best Fitness Tracker With Music Player

Please go through my selection of the seven best fitness trackers with music players, my selection criteria, and answers to a lot of questions! I enjoy working out and track my progress every now and then. And music helps me boost my energy and heartbeat pumping. I find a fitness tracker with the music player … Read more

The 28 Best Classic Rock Workout Songs

Best Classic Rock Workout Songs

Classic rock has held its own place in the world of music despite the onslaught of time. Here are the 28 best classic rock workout songs that you can groove to while working on your body. Many gym-goers love to pair music and exercise to make their training entertaining. Music also has several benefits for … Read more

Best Way To Listen to Music While Running

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Do you love to listen to music while running? If yes, this article discusses the best way to listen to music while running. Running is one of the healthiest and muscle activating exercises. It helps in strengthening muscles and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Some studies have shown that running for 15-30 minutes a … Read more

Does Creatine Make You Pee More?

Does Creatine Make You Pee More

As a new Creatine user, are you experiencing a frequent urge to urinate? Are you wondering, “Does creatine make you pee more?” Let us answer all your doubts here. If you have just started taking creatine supplements, you may be noticing that you are going to the bathroom more often than you were before.  This … Read more

Does Creatine Make You Urinate More?

Does Creatine Make You Pee More

Some regular creatine users are claiming weird after-effects of creatine such as excess peeing. Does creatine make you urinate more? We investigate this claim in detail in the article below. Amongst health supplements available in the market, creatine is one of the most useful and safe health products. Made specifically for the elderly, athletes, and … Read more

How To Dissolve Creatine

How To Dissolve Creatine

Are you trying to build muscle mass? Want to take creatine supplements but are not sure how to dissolve creatine in water to drink it? Does your creatine start forming lumps or remains powdery and you just can’t drink it? Answers to all this are below. Creatine is a substance that is naturally produced in … Read more

Can Creatine Make You Angry?

Can Creatine Make You Angry

Can your creatine supplements activate your inner rage and aggression? Can creatine make you angry? Does it impact your brain? Let us look at these questions more closely. Some people believe that regularly taking creatine supplements not only activates the body’s energy cells but also causes you to rage more often. So, can creatine make … Read more

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Creatine?

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Creatine

Sometimes, you have to oblige others during parties and events and take a bit of alcohol. So if you are wondering: Can I drink alcohol while taking Creatine? Then this article will tell you exactly why you should not. Who doesn’t drink these days? A cool brewski in the evening, or a couple of cocktails … Read more