What Happens If You Miss A Day Of Creatine?

What Happens If You Miss A Day Of Creatine

What happens if you miss a day of creatine? Do you have to go back to the loading stage and start consuming more? Will there be an undesirable side effect? Will I feel weakness? Answers coming up. Creatine supplement is a synthetic version of a compound that is already present in the body in our … Read more

Will Creatine Break A Fast?

Will Creatine Break A Fast

Are you using intermittent fasting to lose weight? But what about your supplements? Will Creatine break a fast or will it not be considered as food? Answers to all these questions in the article below. Many bodybuilders fast due to its various health benefits. Fasting is a quick and easy way to lose fat and … Read more

Does Creatine Go Bad?

Sometimes you might buy a creatine supplement and end up not using it for a while. In such cases it is beneficial to know: does Creatine go bad? The answer is yes, it does, but not when you think it does! Let’s find out more.   When we talk about pre and post-workout supplements these … Read more

Will Creatine Make Me Look Fat?

Will Creatine Make Me Look Fat

Will creatine make me look fat? It is a question which we hear very often from our readers. If you are working hard on your body, you don’t want to take anything that will make you look fat. Let’s see if there is any truth in this claim. Some people have concerns about gaining fat … Read more

Does Costco Sell Creatine -Where To Buy Cheap Creatine?

Some of our readers inquired with us about where they could buy Creatine. For example. Does Costco sell Creatine? Do I have to buy it online, or can I check it personally before buying it? Our answers are coming up below! While almost everyone involved in muscle building these days knows that Creatine supplements help … Read more

Can Creatine Cause Gout?

Can Creatine Cause Gout

Can creatine cause gout? Yes, the science suggests that creatine can cause build up of uric acid, which is the main cause of gout. Let us understand this a bit better below. Being diagnosed with Gout is like receiving a hit in the gut. Basic movements such as walking are rendered impossible due to the … Read more

Can You Get Big Without Creatine? 

Can You Get Big Without Creatine

It seems that Creatine is everywhere these days. Everyone who is into muscle growth is using it. But can you get big without Creatine? Is the old-school way of diet and exercise dead? Answers to these questions are coming up! Whether you are a fitness expert or a newbie in the gym, Creatine is a … Read more

Should I Take Creatine On Cardio Days?

Should I Take Creatine On Cardio Days

I know creatine is great for HIIT but, should I take creatine on cardio days? Yes, you should. Below we will explain why and how creatine is good for both cardio and HIIT. Creatine is an organic compound that is produced by your liver and kidneys. You can also find creatine naturally in red meat … Read more