Best Way To Listen to Music While Running

Do you love to listen to music while running? If yes, this article discusses the best way to listen to music while running.

Running is one of the healthiest and muscle activating exercises. It helps in strengthening muscles and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Some studies have shown that running for 15-30 minutes a day will kick start your metabolism and burn fat during and after exercises, which is essential for your heart’s health.

However, there is a problem with this form of exercise. You may become bored after running a few miles. So, most runners put on some music to make this exercise more interesting.

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Many studies have confirmed that listening to music while running improves your mood. Music is a powerful stimulant that will motivate you to do this exercise for a long duration. Additionally, listening to your favorite music helps you distract from the discomfort while running.

How to Listen to Music The Right Way

You can start first by looking for a music device, i.e., a mobile phone, MP3 player, and others. Then choose the headphones which are comfortable to wear during running. Once you select the gear, you can choose the playlist of songs that match your pace and listen to music while running.

But choosing headphones that allow ambient noise means you will not be blocked from the outside world. Additionally, keep the music at a reasonable level and remove your headphones in heavily trafficked areas for safety purposes.

Let us discuss all this in a bit more detail now.

How To Listen to Music While Running?

Listening to music while running seems like an easy task. You must be thinking that you have to put on your headphones and listen to music while running. Right? But no, I don’t think it is that easy. 

Your mobile phone will thrash around in your pocket when you run. Your earphones will start coming out of your ears if you run hard. If you have old, wired earphones, the wires tend to get tangled up into ridiculous mess.

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Devices To Play Your Music

Mobile Phone

Nowadays, most people use a smartphone. They use their phone storage to add their favorite songs. You can download many applications on your phone to estimate your calorie burn in the running. 

You can take your smartphone along with you when you go running. But there is one downside of using a mobile phone while running. First of all, to run continuously by holding your mobile phone is quite annoying. 

Your hands can become sweaty while running. So, there are chances of your mobile phone falling down from your hand, and you may end up with a damaged screen or worse. 

There are many ways to carry your mobile phone in hand while running. 


The armband is one of the excellent options. I will suggest keeping your mobile phone in an armband rather than holding your mobile phone in hand. 

You can search online or in various sporting goods stores for an armband that suits the style of your mobile phone. Moreover, the armband which you will purchase should be sweatproof.

Loop your armband on the upper arms and fit your mobile phone. Always keep the slot of your mobile phone face up and secure it with straps. Some phone armbands have holes in the bottom to easily plug your headphones.

Hold it in your hand

If you cannot afford an armband, then you can hold your mobile phone in your hand and listen to music while running. But it has one limitation, i.e., your mobile phone can slip from your hand and fall while running.

Running belt (fanny pack)

You can use a running belt to carry all your essential gear if you don’t like an armband or holding a phone while running.

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

MP3 Player

Mp3 players are light, and it has a clip at the back, which you can easily attach to your shirt or waistband while running.

You can purchase an MP3 player online or in various sporting goods stores. Try to check the storage capacity and battery life which will help you know how many songs the MP3player can hold and how long you can use it without charging. Additionally, check whether the MP3 player is compatible with your headphones. Many older models of MP3 players do not support wireless or Bluetooth.

Smart Watch

Smartwatches are one of the most convenient ways to listen to music while running because they are lightweight, secure to your body, and small. These watches don’t have a lot of memory, but you can store enough songs that are required to listen to while running.

You can connect the wireless headphones directly to your smartwatch while running and listen to your favorite songs. You can bring your mobile phone and connect to your smartphone if you cannot load songs directly on your watch.

There are many smartwatches available in the market that track your heart rate and activity levels while running. It will help you in accessing your performance while running.

There is one downside to using a smartwatch, i.e., they are a bit expensive compared to other devices. You have to spend a few hundred dollars to purchase a smartwatch.

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Use Radio Headset

Radio headsets will allow you to tune into FM radio stations in your area. You can purchase a radio headset either online or in various fitness stores. But choose a fit that is comfortable to your ears.


Ipods are also one of the best ways to listen to music while running. But you cannot use this device to estimate your calorie burn while running.

GPS Wristband

GPS wrist bands are perfect for mapping your workout and estimating your calorie burns during running. They even have music options which you can use to listen to music while running.

Devices To Listen To Music

Athletic Headphone

There are many headphones available on the market. But most of them are bulky and may block your ears, so you are not aware of your surroundings.

It’s best to choose athletic phones because they are lightweight and will not block your ears. You can buy these athletic headphones in a sports store. Try a few athletic phones and choose the one which is comfortable to your ears. 

Make sure that they don’t feel heavy on your head. Heavy headphones have a chance of slipping from your head while running.

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Waterproof Headphones

Your headphones may slip from your ears if too much sweat accumulates in them. So, always choose waterproof or sweat-resistant headphones. The waterproof headphones can be fully submerged in water without any damage.

Wired Headphones

If you plan to use wired headphones, run the cord under your shirt to avoid tangling issues.

Bluetooth Headphones

It’s best to choose Bluetooth headphones if you don’t want to deal with wires. You can easily connect it with your device and listen to music while running.

Remember your Bluetooth headphones should be secure in your ears so that they will not fall while running.

Hook Earbuds

You can try hook earbuds for the most secure fit and listen to music while running.

Select Your Songs

Pick Rock Music

You can pick rock music while running so that you will feel energized while running.

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Make A Playlist Of Songs

You can make a playlist of songs that matches your running pace and listen to them while running.

Warm-Up Songs With 80-90 BPM

You can look for songs that have 80-90 beats per minute. It will help you to start your run gradually.

How To Listen to Music While Running Without a Phone?

You can listen to music while running without a phone by devices like a smartwatch and MP3 player.

Mp3 players are super light and easy to carry while running. In the market, you will find some MP3 players that come with a remote. You can wear the remote on your finger while running.

Smartwatches are also one of the convenient solutions for listening while running.

Which Is The Best Device To Listen To Music While Running?

A smartwatch is one of the best devices to listen to music while running. You can wear it in the form of a watch. So they are completely secured and lightweight.

Most of the smartwatches available in the market have a touch screen and allow you to download many applications required for listening to music while running.

A Few Final Words

There are immense benefits of listening to music while running. Music helps in increasing dopamine levels in your brain. You can even focus on things other than your exercise. In short, music takes you to another World. You feel relaxed and motivated.

You can choose any device like a smartphone, iPod, smartwatch, and others for listening to music while running. Simultaneously choose a good headphone if possible.

We thank you for reading this article, and hope that we have answered all your questions about listening to music while running. If you have interesting anecdotes to share, or any other comments, please drop them in the comment box below.