Can I Bring Creatine On a Plane?

Packed your bags, but not sure about your favorite Creatine? Are you looking to ask: “can I bring creatine on a plane?” We heard you loud and clear and wrote the answer below, so you don’t have to go anywhere!

Working out while traveling requires a bit of planning, and many times, you may find yourself in a position where you need to carry a supplement with you on a flight. 

Although the supplement is available all around the globe, many athletes and bodybuilders use their supplement in a specific ratio or from a specific brand which may be hard to get without professional help. 

In this article, we will be answering an often repeated question related to this topic: “Can I bring creatine on a plane?”

Can I Bring Creatine On a Plane

Can I bring creatine powder on a plane?

Creatine is one of the safest supplements and is legal in most countries. It is very effective and cheap, so it is also available almost everywhere. If your stay is for a longer period, you might consider purchasing it from your new location itself.

Creatine is legal to carry during a flight. The TSA says that any legalized supplement like whey proteins, Creatine, and other supplements are legal to carry aboard a plane. 

Not only can you bring Creatine, but you can take other supplements too. You just have to make sure that the supplement you are carrying must be legal in both the country you are traveling from and the country you are traveling to. Carrying illegal drugs and supplements can cause you a lot of problems, and you can also face heavy fines and even prison.

Can I put Creatine in a checked bag?

You can put your supplement in either your check-in bag or in the luggage section. However, if you are carrying more than 12oz/350ml of any powder-like substance, we suggest that you put it in the luggage. 

Otherwise, you will have to put your box in a separate bin during X-ray screening, and you might also be required to open up the box and answer a few questions. 

The final decision always rests in the hands of the security agency of the airport, so you need to cooperate with them and explain what the substance is, why you are using it and where you bought it from. It will help if you carry an invoice for the product as well.

Can I Bring Creatine On a Plane

This limit is made to ensure that you cannot carry illegal substances in a large quantity. The security of airports is very tight, so there is a high chance that you have to go through a long session of questioning if you are found with any powder-like substance.

Although carrying it is legal in almost every airport globally, the final decision always rests in the hands of airport security. If your flight stays in the air for a long time, you can also take your creatine dose while on the plane if you carry it in your checked bags.

You can also carry Creatine pills or other supplements, but that depends upon your usage and availability. Creatines are available in both forms, so it won’t be hard to find them in any corner of the world.

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Can You Bring Supplements on a Plane?

You can bring supplements on a plane as long as they are legal in the country you are traveling from and traveling to. You can always check whether it is legal or not on the official airline’s websites of the countries. 

Some of the most frequently traveled countries and their airports like the USA, UK, and many others allow their passengers to carry a little amount of supplement with them in their checked-in bag.

The supplements will also be going through an X-ray checkup before getting sent into the luggage section. There are also many other security checks which need to be passed before your luggage can get a clearance.

What Cannot Be Taken on a Plane?

Drugs and supplements that are banned or illegal in either the from or to country cannot be taken through their airports. You might get penalized heavily or even have to face a prison sentence if you are caught carrying illegal drugs.

A similar accident happened with Sylvester Stallone when he was found carrying Human Growth Hormone(HGH) into Australia. He was penalized for doing so and had to go through a lot of trials before he could get his name cleared. You should avoid something like that happening to you.

Can I Bring Creatine On a Plane

You must not take illegal drugs, growth hormones, energy capsules, and supplements to the airport. They can cause a lot of damage to you and your time, so better avoid doing so.

Before traveling through any airport, you can also check their official websites for any updates and news in their policies for a supplement. Although carrying supplements is legal in almost every airport, you can always find exceptions.

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A Few Final Words

We would like to conclude by saying that it is allowed to carry Creatine and other legal supplements through the airport. However, if you are taking it in your check-in luggage, then there are certain precautions that you will have to take, and you might have to spend some time explaining the product to the Airport security staff.

You might also consider the option of making a fresh purchase once you land in a different country. This is the most hassle-free way while traveling and maintaining a proper working-out schedule.

Can I Bring Creatine On a Plane

Most athletes and bodybuilders carry their supplements with them, but you need to have proper documentation with you because otherwise, you will just end up wasting hours on end in the questioning and screening process. 

If you are traveling for the first time with a supplement, then you must inform the security forces of the airport beforehand to avoid any further problems.

We hope we were able to answer all of your questions regarding Creatine and air travel! If you have more queries or doubts, drop us a word in the comments section, and we will get back to you quickly!