Does Creatine Increase Height?

First-timers and Creatine newbies have any questions about this supplement. Some of the most common ones are: does Creatine increase height? Does it stunt your growth? Answers are coming up below!

Creatine is one of the most naturally occurring nutrients in our body, and its prime purpose is to help muscle growth and development. It can also provide energy, which helps us improve our workout regimens.

Many of us must have had questions and doubts when taking supplements, and Creatine is no exception. For example, does creatine increase height? Or can Creatine stunt your growth? We will be answering many such questions that you all might be wondering about, so keep reading to know more.

Does Creatine Increase Height

Does Creatine Affect Growth?

Creatine surely helps develop our body, but this is only true when it comes to muscular development. Research has been ongoing in the hopes of finding its relation with growth-inducing abilities in our body, but there have been no results to date.

Creatine enhances our muscles and increases the body’s water retention, making it look more pumped. It also provides us with a little extra energy required to push even harder during a workout. But it in no way will creatine increase or decrease your height.

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Does Creatine Make You Taller?

Creatine’s prime focus is muscle development. It is not like steroids or other high-performance pills that have side effects due to long exposure. 

It is produced naturally by our body, so we can be sure that it is completely natural and safe. It is found inside our muscles, and the body needs it for proper functioning. 

However, Creatine does not impact the development of our bones or acts in any way in collaboration with calcium or iodine, which help in bone growth. No evidence is available to prove that Creatine can make you taller. If you have already passed your growth age, gaining height can only happen through a miracle!

Creatine does not help in the growth of the body. Neither does it increase your height, so don’t buy it in the hopes of such miracles. You can still consume it as it will help muscle development and make you look bigger.

Does Creatine Increase Height

Does Creatine Stunt Height Growth? If So, Why?:

Questions like, does creatine stunt your growth? or does Creatine affect growth? These are some of the questions that a growing teen must be asking while beginning working out. 

Height is one of the most important traits in our personality, and we should be taking proper care of our diet and workout while growing. If you pass your growing age, then increasing height is nearly impossible, so we should all ensure that we give our body the right nutrients to help it grow in the best way possible.

Excess of Creatine can also affect our body in a harmful way, such as weakening our kidneys or lungs, but it does not affect our height in the least. We must not take Creatine in excess amounts. A dose or two of Creatine will be good enough for a teen, but excess or Creatine can have a downside on your body. Creatine can have other harmful effects on our body when taken incorrectly, but it does not link with height development.

What Are The Harmful Effects of Creatine?

Creatine can cause damage to our bodies, but those cases are very rare. Some of the problems associated with an excessive amount of creatine intake are kidney damage, lung damage, or kidney stone.

The harmful effect of Creatine on the kidneys:

Creatine absorbs water and increases the body’s water holding capacity, making it look more pumped. But to counter the water loss, we have to make sure that we have a proper intake of water. 

Prolonged water consumption due to intake of Creatine may cause our kidneys to work overtime, increasing their workload exponentially. This can cause kidney stones in our body and can be dangerous to kidneys in general. You must consume creatine properly as excess amounts of anything can have a downside.

Does Creatine Increase Height

The harmful effect of Creatine on the liver:

Creatine is produced naturally by our body, but that amount doesn’t need to be digested as it is already in circulation. The Creatine that we intake through creatine supplements is a whole different story. It needs to be digested by our body before we can use it.

Digesting Creatine can be a difficult task for the body, and people with weaker digestive systems will find it difficult, causing diarrhea. You should take proper guidance before using Creatine and take it only in prescribed dosages.

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How Does Creatine Work?

Creatine is one of the most popular and safe diet supplements available in the market. It helps us increase our energy by building more creatine phosphate in our bodies. This, in turn, helps in forming more amounts of adenosine triphosphate(ATP), which is a vital energy carrier in our body.

The larger amount of ATP you have in your body, the more energy you possess. The extra energy you have gained through Creatine will help you work out a little extra and help in growth.

It also absorbs water from the muscles and increases the water capacity, which makes it look more pumped. The working behind Creatine focuses primarily on muscles, and it has very little or no effect on our bones and their development.

Who Should Be Taking Creatine?

Creatine is usually consumed by athletes who need extra energy during training. Although Almost all bodybuilding individuals consume creatine, it is most popular among cyclists and power-lifters and other such sports. Creatine gives them the extra energy required to push themselves even harder.

All age groups can consume it, but it is necessary to maintain a proper dosage and schedule. An improper amount of intake will not benefit the body, and it may cause harm too. Teens who have just begun working out can also take Creatine as it is safe for their bodies.

Does Creatine Increase Height

Can L Arginine Make Me Grow Taller?

Creatine does not increase your growth, but L arginine can, and it is also safe to use. L-arginine is an amino acid produced naturally by the body, which produces the bodybuilding protein. It is one of the most necessary acids in our body and directly relates to growth.

L arginine can also be consumed externally and is usually available in pills. It serves many purposes and is consumed to counter many problems in the human body. It helps in the case of many tissue problems and helps with problems like erectile dysfunction and blood pressure.

Although, you must take proper guidance before taking it. L arginine has proved to help in our body’s growth by producing more growth hormones, which in turn grows the body. You can consume it both orally and topically.

It can also be consumed by young teens who have begun working out and face an improper growth rate. The intake of l arginine with proper exercise will positively affect the production of growth hormones, and you can observe the change in little time.

L arginine is also available in many daily food items like meat, fish, whole grains, and dairy products. The consumption should not exceed the safe limit to avoid any growth downfall. It is also induced in young teens who have stopped growing to boost their growth hormones.

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Is Creatine Bad for Me As A Large Teenager?

If you are above 21 and have already exceeded the growing age, then neither Creatine nor any other supplement can cause an increase or decrease in your growth. 

But you have to be more cautious if you are still at a growing age as what you consume directly affects your growth and height.

Creatine does not have any proven relationship with how tall our body can grow, so you can rest easy while consuming it. There is no need to be cautious in the case of Creatine if you are consuming it in a proper amount at regular intervals. It will only help you be more bulk, so there is no need to worry for the older teens.

Does Creatine Increase Height

A Few Final Words

To wrap things up, we would like to tell you that there is no proven connection between Creatine and height, so there is no reason for worry. 

Although we all should have proper guidance before consuming any supplement so that we don’t face any harmful side of it and always make a good quality purchase. To start with, you can take one or two doses of 5gm of Creatine pre and post your workout, but not more than that.

We hope we have been able to answer as many questions as possible. Keep visiting our page as we will answer more interesting questions like this one. Let us know what more you want to know about through the comment section. 

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