Does Creatine Make You Pee More?

As a new Creatine user, are you experiencing a frequent urge to urinate? Are you wondering, “Does creatine make you pee more?” Let us answer all your doubts here.

If you have just started taking creatine supplements, you may be noticing that you are going to the bathroom more often than you were before. 

This is a common side effect and usually happens when you start the supplement for the first time. But why does it happen? Till when does this urge continue? Let us take a look at these questions below. 

Does Creatine Make You Pee More

Does Creatine Make You Pee?

Yes, you will observe more frequent urination for some time after you start creatine supplementation. But it’s not because of the creatine itself!

When you take creatine, you have to increase your water/fluid intake for multiple reasons. The excess water intake causes you to pee more.

Reason 1: Excess Creatinine

When you consume creatine, the body uses what is necessary and then breaks it down to creatinine

Creatinine is a waste product. Your body excretes it through urination as increased creatinine levels can cause harm. When you start taking creatine supplements, the creatinine levels rise slightly, but not enough to cause severe damage to the kidneys.  

This increases the level of creatinine in your urine. It is essential to flush out the creatinine. Therefore, when taking creatine, make sure you are drinking enough water. 

Reason 2: Possible Dehydration During Summers

You already know that creatine improves your muscle strength. But how does it do so? When you consume water, your body uses it for regulatory purposes while the rest is stored. This reserved water is used when the body requires excess hydration. 

However, when you consume creatine, it drives the water from the reserves towards your muscles. So there is a shift in the body’s cellular water content. But this shift is minor, and it does not cause dehydration. 

When you use creatine during the summer when it is hot, and you’re not consuming enough water, the change in cellular water content may be noticeable. This will make you feel dehydrated, and you will start drinking more water and thus pee more

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Reason 3: Additional Fluid Intake Because You are Mixing Creatine with Water

You may also pee more if you are taking too much creatine. Usually, creatine is mixed with water or juice and then consumed. So, the more creatine powder you take, the more liquid you need to dissolve it. Therefore, you will be drinking excess water, which will lead you to urinate more. 

Is Your Urine Cloudy Due to Creatine?

Cloudy urine can occur due to many reasons, including kidney issues and dehydration. However, an increase in creatinine levels in the body is not a reason for cloudy urine. 

As mentioned before, creatinine is the waste product of creatine. So when you start consuming creatine, the existing creatinine levels rise. 

When this creatinine is excreted, the urine may appear cloudy sometimes. But this cloudiness is rather the sign of a kidney infection or related problem; it is not because of the creatinine.

If this is the case, you must monitor your urination and the creatinine levels in the body. If you notice pain in your side, groin, or back, along with fever, it is likely because your body has a kidney infection. 

This is when your urine will be not only cloudy but also quite dark, and you will find it painful to pee. It is best to consult a doctor in such cases.

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Can You Avoid Excess Urination After Creatine Consumption? 

There is no obvious way to avoid excess urination once you start taking creatine supplements. If you feel like you are peeing more than you should, you can lower your dose of creatine. This will decrease the additional inflow of water and thus reduce your peeing. 

You can also avoid loading or increasing the dose of creatine supplements over time. However, when done gradually over an extended period, loading does not result in frequent urination, any more than what you were already experiencing. 

When you start taking any supplements, there will be specific side effects. The important thing is to avoid these effects from resulting in any harm. So, it would be best if you were prepared to visit the bathroom several times in one day. But you should also be aware of the frequency. If it changes, you can consult the doctor and your fitness trainer and make modifications. 

Answers to Other Questions About Creatine and Peeing

Is Creatine Hard on Your Kidneys?

Most creatine supplements do not affect kidneys or cause renal failures. However, if you have any chronic renal disease, it is best to avoid creatine. You should also not consume creatine if you are taking nephrotoxic medicines. 
If you already have a kidney infection or any other issues, do not consume creatine as the creatinine levels will increase a bit. Excess creatinine in the body will lead to various diseases and problems with urine output. 

How Much Creatine Do You Pee Out?

About 50% of creatine is peed out within 24 hours of consumption when you are taking 6-8 grams of creatine as supplementation. That is why excess creatinine is not really an issue unless you are really hulking out with 25-30gram of creatine in the loading stage.

Do you need to drink more water when taking creatine?

Yes, it is vital to take more water than usual. This is because of the excess water retention effect that we mentioned earlier. However, the water retention happens more during the loading stage since studies have shown that total body water measures don’t increase much.

A Few Final Words

Creatine supplements are popular among most workout people or have rigorous fitness routines. Creatine is one of the safest supplements available, but it is best to know all side effects. 

Excess urination can happen, most likely because you will be drinking extra water with creatine. However, this will not cause any harm as long as you stay hydrated and monitor your bodily functions. 

You can always refer to this article if you need information. Don’t forget to encourage others to learn about creatine consumption!