Does Creatine Help With Abs?

Does Creatine Help With Abs

Today we address another very common question from new Creatine users: does Creatine help with abs? The answer is yes, it does, but the details are given in the article below. Creatine is a fantastic supplement that helps you reach your goal faster. However, many people who are new to taking Creatine wonder whether it … Read more

Can Creatine Cause Headaches?

Can Creatine Cause Headaches

We answer another newbie question regarding creatine usage today: can Creatine cause headaches? The answer is yes, it can, but the reasons and how to avoid it are provided below. Creatine provides us with a more studier muscle growth and the extra energy required to push past our limits. Athletes and bodybuilders all over the … Read more

Does Creatine Give You Gas?

Does Creatine Give You Gas

Creatine supplements help in increasing strength and muscle mass. But does creatine give you gas too? The answer to this comical (albeit serious) problem comes up in the article below. Creatine is a natural amino acid produced by your liver and kidneys and stored in your skeletal muscles. Your body usually produces 1-2 grams of … Read more

Should a Beginner Take Creatine?

Should a Beginner Take Creatine

Is Creatine a good option to start your workout journey? Should a beginner take creatine? Would I face side effects if I start taking creatine? The answers to all these and more coming up below. When a beginner starts going to the gym they are very likely to come across several supplements. The choice is … Read more

Does Creatine Make You More Vascular?

Does Creatine Make You More Vascular

A vascular look is a style statement for men, and that’s why many of our readers ask us: does creatine make you more vascular? The answer is yes, it does. The how’s and why’s are given below. Creatine is a mild vasodilator, meaning it contributes to providing more oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue by … Read more

Does Creatine Cause Gynecomastia?

Does Creatine Cause Gynecomastia

Creatine is an amino acid that gives energy and strengthens muscles. There are many doubts surrounding it, such as does Creatine cause gynecomastia in men? Read on to know the facts Gynecomastia is a condition that makes glandular tissue in the breasts look enlarged in men, and it sometimes causes discomfort or nipple tenderness. Gynecomastia … Read more

Can You Take Creatine With C4 Pre Workout?

Can You Take Creatine With C4 Pre Workout

Creatine and pre-work-out supplements give an extra jolt of energy during workouts. But can you take creatine with C4 pre workout? Will it be beneficial, or will it harm the body? Let us find out answers to such questions in the article below. There is no secret that many people go to the gym to … Read more

Can you take Creatine on Accutane?

Can you take Creatine on Accutane

If your doctor has advised you to take Accutane for your acne, you might be wondering: can you take Creatine on Accutane? The answer is it may not be such a great idea. The reasons are coming up below. Creatine is undoubtedly one of the most popular supplements when it comes to intense and high-performance … Read more

Does Creatine Make You Thirsty?

Does Creatine Make You Thirsty

Today we answer another common question for Creatine beginners: does Creatine make you thirsty? The answer is yes, but the whys and hows are in the article below. Many people use creatine as a power-boosting and muscle-gaining supplement. However, users frequently get thirsty and stop in the middle of creatine loading. It is common to … Read more

Does Creatine Increase Height?

First-timers and Creatine newbies have any questions about this supplement. Some of the most common ones are: does Creatine increase height? Does it stunt your growth? Answers are coming up below! Creatine is one of the most naturally occurring nutrients in our body, and its prime purpose is to help muscle growth and development. It … Read more