What Does Creatine Taste Like?

Are you a beginner to Creatine supplements? Are you wondering what does Creatine taste like, and whether you can take it with other drinks, juices, and shakes? Here are the answers!

If you go to the gym regularly, you must have heard trainers and fitness enthusiasts talking about creatine supplements. Creatine is one of the most potent supplements used for increasing your size naturally. 

Creatine is a necessary part of any athlete’s nutritional program and for a powerlifter. Many believe that it enhances the person’s performance, and creatine monohydrate is recommended more than the other version. 

What Does Creatine Taste Like

If you are a beginner, trying out Creatine for the first time, you might find the slightly salty and tasteless nature of Creatine to not be very palatable. We have shared below some things that you can add to it to help you take Creatine easily.

Read on to know more about what Creatine tastes like!

What Does Creatine Taste Like?

Creatine is slightly salty and has a neutral taste. When Creatinine is suspended in water, it has a granular texture. While using creatine monohydrate, you need to mix 5 grams in 1 serving four times a day to get a good result. Creatine doesn’t taste awful, but it’s not exactly cakes and pies either.

It’s just like drinking a glass of saltwater with a small number of minerals present in it. If you are worried about the supplement’s taste, then you are looking at it from the wrong angle. Even if you think it tastes weird, you can experiment with it to get a better taste. 

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What’s The Best Thing To Mix Creatine With? 

Creatine monohydrate and other creatine supplements are available in powdered form. You can dissolve them either in water or juice. It dissolves easily in warm water. You can even drink it as part of your daily cup of green tea.

If you don’t like the taste of Creatine, here are a few ways that can mask the taste of this supplement:


The first option in which you can mix creatine is water. If the taste of the creatine is not appealing to you, then you can add water and dilute it. Creatine should be consumed with 1 liter of water as it pulls the water out of the bloodstream and into the muscles. 

Creatine increases your need for water. If you are not taking enough water during workouts, you might experience dizziness and lightheadedness if you take Creatine, so it makes sense to drink it with water.

What Does Creatine Taste Like


Juice is a healthy drink in comparison to other carbonated drinks like cola. It consists of fast carbs, and it helps the creatine enter your bloodstream quickly. By adding creatine to juice, you get a quicker acting and yummy drink.

However, if you are consuming creatine and juice every day, make sure that you watch your calorie intake. Fruit juice has a lot of carbohydrates in the form of sugars and using it every day can take a toll on your diet.

Secondly, if you are diabetic then consuming a lot of fruit juice may not be a good idea for you because it can spike your blood sugar.

Protein shake

If you work out regularly, you are highly likely to use a post-workout protein shake. A protein shake is an excellent way to fulfill your daily protein requirement. 

You can add creatine to your post-workout protein shake. You can put just 5 grams of creatine into your protein shake, which will supercharge your workout recovery. 

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Flavored products

Various supplement companies offer pre-made drinks that is mixed with creatine. However, many of these products contain sugar. If you are trying to avoid sugar or lose weight, these products might not be such a great idea.


Cola is a great choice to blend the taste of creatine. After mixing it, you need to fill a quarter glass of soda with creatine powder. Try to drink it as quickly as possible. 

What Does Creatine Taste Like

Weigt gainers

You can even add creatine to your weight gain supplements. Weight gainers are densely packed with carbohydrates that will help in the absorption of creatine. It would help you hit your protein and caloric macronutrient requirements and utilize creatine to develop your muscles.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to lose weight, using a mass gainer supplement won’t help you as it would put your body in a calorie surplus. If you take extra calories in the form of weight gainer and creatine, those additional calories will turn into fat and not muscles. 

Answers to Common Questions about Creatine’s Taste

Does Creatine Taste Bad? 

The taste is a bit different when it is unflavored. It becomes difficult for some people to consume it when it is unflavoured. Some people even say that it tastes like drinking battery acid! (although how anybody got the taste of that is questionable). 

Creatine HCL has a natural flavor of tart so to make it a bit interesting you can add lemonade to it. It does a fantastic job of making it taste good. 

Is Creatine Bitter In Taste? 

Two chemists did research in which 4 to 5 people suggested that creatinine is tasteless while the remaining people said that creatinine has a bitter taste. 

What Does Creatine Taste Good With?

If you like a sweet taste and prefer fruity flavors, then you can combine Blueberry, carrots, and apples along with any other fruit that you love. These juice options will give creatine a little more flavor and add to the nutrition.

What is more effective, Creatine pills or powder? 

If you want to avoid the taste of creatinine, then you can use a pre-pack containing the product in a pill format. Pills have higher manufacturing costs, so it can cost you more if you choose to go with a pill. 

Many companies add the Creatine formula and esters to compensate for the price. Creatine monohydrate powder is affordable, and you can buy it in bulk. You can store it for later use. 

What Does Creatine Taste Like

Wrap Up

Creatine is an excellent supplement when it is used adequately. It can boost your workout sessions and help you overcome your plateaus. It helps to stimulate growth. There are numerous options to include creatine in your diet rather than water. 

Try to experiment with multiple things and ensure that you are getting enough water. You should glance over your cal consumption to make sure that you do not mix it with the citrus juice. Make sure you go through this content to understand the taste of the creatine and the foods you can add it into. 

We hope you got the answer that you are looking for! Creatine doesn’t taste bad, but if you are particular about your taste buds then there are many things you can mix it in to get the desired taste. Do share this article with others starting out with Creatine supplements.