Will Creatine Make Me Look Fat?

Will creatine make me look fat? It is a question which we hear very often from our readers. If you are working hard on your body, you don’t want to take anything that will make you look fat. Let’s see if there is any truth in this claim.

Some people have concerns about gaining fat when they take oral creatine. Creatine promotes the production of intramuscular water retention, not in the adipose tissues, so it should not cause you to look fat. While clinically Creatine should not impact you, some people do claim to experience such side effects, which is quite baffling.

If you are confused about whether creatine makes you look fat, this article brings you enough evidence that provides a clearer picture of the relationship between creatine and body fat.

Will Creatine Make Me Look Fat

Can Creatine Make You Fat?

Creatine naturally occurs in our body and helps in muscle contraction. Creatine also influences the production of muscle tissue and this is what causes you to gain weight when you take creatine. 

However, the weight gain is not due to fat. Creatine helps you gain lean mass as it causes water retention in the muscles. If you take creatine supplements and gain weight, the reason for weight gain is not due to fat. However, you can gain weight due to other reasons on this list.

Water weight

Creatine causes weight gain in the form of water weight. It happens because creatine causes fluid retention, which draws water into your muscles’ cells and results in rapid water weight. 

When your muscles hold enough water, you will notice the bloating or puffiness around your legs, arms, or stomach. According to a report, Creatine users gain about 2 to 4.5 pounds due to water retention in their first week of creatine intake.

Muscle Mass

Creatine mainly causes water weight; however, some research shows that it can also help you gain more muscle mass. Creatine users experience a boost in their endurance and capacity for high-intensity training. 

With creatine supplementation, you can increase the amount of time for exercise and develop the muscle mass that can help mass gain. As you become more muscular, the weight due to water retention will become less noticeable. It helps you appear less swollen.  

Will Creatine Make Me Look Fat

Weight gain without developing muscle

Creatine helps you rapidly gain weight. You may also wonder if it indulges in non-muscle weight gain, especially fat. Fortunately, creatine will not increase fat in your body. 

People gain fat when they consume more energy than they expend. Few grams of creatine have fewer calories, and when you follow a healthy diet and workout regularly, you are more likely to experience fat loss.   

What Should You Do If You Gain Weight After Taking Creatine?

You may notice weight gain when you are on creatine. The weight gain is temporary as it is most likely due to water retention. You can reduce fluid retention using the following tips:

Reduce your sodium intake

According to a study, sodium greatly influences the retention of fluid. You should avoid eating too much sodium in your diet. You should limit processed food and fast food. You can eat foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Increase your water intake

Surprise? You might think that creatine increases your water retention so drinking more water will only help increase weight. But that’s not how the body works. You should drink more water as it helps reduce the water retention caused by creatine. When you drink more water, your body works harder to remove excess water.

Will Creatine Make Me Look Fat

Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Carbs are an essential source of energy for your body, but they may also affect your body’s ability to hold onto water. You should limit the carbs in your diet to between 225 to 325 grams daily. 

Exercise more

Creatine provides energy for your muscles; training your muscles helps you retain less water. You should exercise more to reduce water retention. 

How To Look Bigger Instantly

Use these supplements and strategies to look bigger instantly:

Choose the right creatine

You can use any type of creatine, but you should choose the right one that helps you gain weight instantly. Creatine helps maximize muscle cell volume growth, but different creatine types take other times to show results. 

Creatine monohydrate is an excellent supplement, but it takes weeks to achieve an impressive result. You should select the fast-acting form of creatine, including Kre-Alkalyn or hydrochloride. Take 3 to 5 grams of creatine before and after a workout for quick size gain.  

Eat more potassium

Potassium has many health benefits as it helps in fluid retention in the body. Most athletes consume sports drinks containing potassium to get quick and more enormous size gain. 

Potassium helps muscle cell volume growth by pulling more water into your muscles. You can eat potassium-rich foods or take potassium supplements. You should have a potassium intake of around 500 to 1000 mg per day.

Will Creatine Make Me Look Fat

Stay hydrated

If you are regular gym-goers that want instant size gain, you probably should become dehydrated. You should stay well hydrated to get bigger and fuller muscles. 

You should drink adequate water if you are not well hydrated; your muscles will appear flat, causing you to lose size. A person should consume at least one gallon of water a day. 

Add L-glutamine 

You should give a chance to L-glutamine supplement though it has no immediate effect on muscle growth. However, it helps pull water into the muscle and convert more glucose into glycogen. Glycogen helps more significant gains in size.

Answers to More Questions About Creatine and Fat Gain

Does creatine make your face fat? 

Creatine attracts more water to the various muscles in your body, including your face, and causes puffiness or bloating that can make the muscles of your face bigger.

Does creatine make you look more muscular than others?

Creatine works differently in some people as everyone has a different body fat level. When people with low levels of body fat consume creatine, it provides them with rounder, fuller, and more rigid muscles.

Will creatine make me fat?

When you take a creatine supplement, it causes water retention in your muscles. It doesn’t increase your body fat; instead, it helps burn fat by boosting your performance for an intense workout.

Does creatine make you retain fat?

Creatine doesn’t work to make you gain fat. However, you can gain water weight as it causes water retention in the muscles.

A Few Final Words

Creatine is safe for people who desire to look cut. Creatine attracts water into your muscle cells, and it helps you gain a couple of pounds. However, it doesn’t make you look fat; it only has an impact on the size of muscle cells that make you look leaner. 

You can take creatine without worrying about getting unnecessary fat in your body.  We hope this answers your queries and doubts about the myth of the fattening effect of Creatine. If you still have more questions, please drop us a word in the comments section so that we can get back to you with the answers.

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